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31 March 2008 @ 06:02 am
ok so...teh areplanez wur all liek "hay gimme ur tikitz" an "do u have a tiket sir?' an "HAY STOP TRYIN 2 WALK THRU TEH XRAY MASHEEN!!"

teh xrays masheen dint get me hi lol and tehn sum jorks maed me get out of teh areplanez level threw a rutobaga @ me


i got a rideCollapse )
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27 March 2008 @ 07:19 pm
im goin here doodz

ok tahts alot of boring words...rly teh only words u needs to readz is SMOAKS

i was liek wohfux no wai wen i red it...but its tru cos i read it doodz...YA RLY!

ok i gotta jat...ill send u a poatscard...UNLESS IM SMOAKIN!! LOLOLOLOL
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04 January 2008 @ 02:11 pm
oh hay doods...u rember wen i maed taht 1 totes real ofishilz book to maek lots of $$$$? wel it dint work bcos nords r piky abt hary pooter...metl mans was all liek :no way tahts faek also thare r no wordz inside this bok' whatevs!1 wordz lol

[i bet tahts what they tok abt at libarianz club..."oh hay lok at this book!!1 it has wordz in it...ya tahts awsum cos tahts how books r sposd 2 be...weer so gr8 evan tho weer nordz taht nevar getz hi...LOLOL""}

ne wayz this i chik admiralkatt...ya shes cool...maded me a nu book...its got my filosofa bouts how i roll so its gona b a bastsell0r...GOM im gona by a lot of good shitz with teh $$$445 from it!!1 LOLOLOL

ok so liek check it...Collapse )

also do u have ne smoaks

also cash up front
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15 October 2007 @ 11:34 am
so i havant seen my bast frend eggs in a wile an i fogot ware his live jurnals were

so i axed cid to use his gogles to find it an he toled me their was a gogle on teh inna nets! its rigth



ne wayz if u type in eggs it says this is his live jurnalz:


butt tahts eggbords not eggs!! so lakitoo (hes has glases so he nos bouts computorz) says egs reel naem is eggwards...i typped it in wif livejurnils.com an i gots his live jurnals agin!


i gess hes goin on taht croos bubl mans an sefurof went on last year...have fun eggs!!11 me an tweter r gona taek care of ur place LOL
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11 October 2007 @ 02:44 pm

prety fuxd up rite?

gass how i did it??Collapse )
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10 September 2007 @ 12:41 pm
u no i get along wif moast typez of ppls...liek my bast frend edgds; hott chix liek prinsess {sess LOL], gay homoz liek bubl mans *not sefurof tho taht guyz a dick) animil doodz liek ostro texis doodz liek BBBQ man...even nords liek lakitu an metl mans OLOL! ya every 1 is cool wif me

but u no sum doodz dont no how 2 b cool!

so liek i stoled a six pak from popsinskis house an i was havin a party in teh ally. oh mans it wuz grat!!1 prinsess wus their crahs mans was their, ostro wuz there. i wuz their 2! prinsess wuz gettin all drunk an started talkin about her boobz an shits!!

And then this dood shod up...fux.Collapse )

man sum ppls needs 2 lern how 2 b cool!
29 July 2007 @ 12:24 am
I woak up in a loggage 2day LOL..I got out an it wuz teh air sportz...I do a air sportz...smoakin lolplol

newayz I wuz lookin at shits an I sawr this:

Egsds, moms worx hear!! I gess she wuz bizy tho cos she dint tel me how to get hoam. Im lost lol

fux srsly how 2 get out
18 July 2007 @ 04:25 pm
hay doodz...guss wot?? i gots taht new harry pooter book!!@ its sposd 3 com out on sumday but i gots a bunch of tehm rite now...its cos my uncle noes teh chix who rites this shits j/k rollin LOL

LQQK!! or sum shitz

ya so if u want 3 have teh harry pooter LOL rite now u can buy tehm from me or tweter 4 only 100 coinz or 3 shrooms...liek dont mis a chance 2 reekaptur teh mammoriez or watevs

<lj-cutz txts="ok this is bouts sportz n gettin sum so if ur a nord u dont needz 2 read this lol


ok actuly me an tweter maed this bok ourselfz!! YA RLY!! i herd all thees nords bein gay an tokin boutz how tehy wur gonna wate at mid nite 2 get teh new harry pooter book...metl mans. lakitoo..even bubl mans and gay sefurof LOL they proly bate 2 it...newayz so i gots this plans from it:

1 = tweter maeks teh book wif his skilz of a artest cos hes good at airbrushin an shitz
2 = we maek $$$% from nords

ya were gona get so fuxed up wif teh moneys from tihs...fuuux...lol
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10 July 2007 @ 06:04 pm
hay doodz...i no its ben a wile since ive maed a live jurnals but its bcos ive ben gettin high!! lol j/.k...wait actuly its true i was fuxed up OLOLOL

ya so wat hapind was sum guyz were all liek tokin sum shitz bouts a show bout me shyguy...it looked proty cool...cos it was bouts me lol

tahy gots my naem rong tho..its shyguy dumasss LOLOL...newayz tehy had 3 maek sure i thot it was cool or sum shitz...so i sed ok doodz an rote my naem shyguy all overz sum papors...i was liek ya its a good idea 2 get my names on papors cos it proly maeks u xtra high wen u smoak taht shits LOLOLOLOLOL

thy sed ya wel do that tehn gave me a hole bunch of moneys!!!!1!!

so i went on a vocatin 4 a while...o ya...i was crusin...i went 2 smoak ilind...every 1 gets fuxed there...ALOT LOL

my vocatin pix plus a fuxed up dreem i hadCollapse )

egdz mom is totes a milk!!
29 June 2007 @ 02:52 pm
ofux i fogot 2 make live jurnals 3 liek 12 wkz!!1 thats liek 2 months

its cos i was in teh hopsital 4 a wile...i was halping lakitoo wif sum artz shits but it was more dangorus than i thot...it was cool tho cos i got sum morfins n shitz thare teh first cupl dayz...aftar taht tho it was boring. an teh narses wudnt even do it wif me...TWF!!11 i saw a movie abt narses b4 so i no how its sposd 2 b!

wen i got out i hadnt smoaked 4 liek a wk!! that suxed an now im out of smoaks agin...but i just ordared sum smoaks from teh inna net so ill be ok soon...ya

o ya my bast frend egdgds fogot 2 tell me ware he moved so i asked this 1 chik on teh inna net abt it

eggs' hows shitsCollapse )

so im goin ovar 2 eggs' hows 2nite...i hoap his moms is still hott LOL